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The Pettaugh website aims to provide information about the village of Pettaugh, including its history, Parish Council, Church and other matters of interest.   The website is now with a new provider and is in the process of being updated and refreshed.

The photograph at the head of our Home page was taken in early June with a view to the north and shows a panoramic view of the village with a foreground of a field of wheat.  The church of St Catherine is on the right of the picture and the building is now more clearly visible following the loss of the yew tree in the churchyard due to disease.  The A1120 road runs eastwards past the churchyard towards Framsden and on to Yoxford.  Moving left of the church and towards the west, houses on the site where the windmill and rollermill were situated are visible, followed by houses near the centre of the village.

At the heart of beautiful Suffolk countryside ... "


Summer scene

Pettaugh is a small village of  a little over 200 inhabitants in 85  households, 10 miles north of Ipswich and 2 ½ miles south of Debenham, in the beautiful county of Suffolk.   It is  in a rural location  surrounded by farmland, at the junction of the A1120 (Stowmarket to Yoxford) and the Coddenham to Debenham roads.

 A Google Earth view of Pettaugh shows a few houses surrounded on all sides by a patchwork of farm fields. Years ago the fields may have been smaller, with lots more hedges, but farm fields surrounding the village is probably the way it's been for a very long time.

The village sign (above) reflects this -- it features a farmer with his horse-drawn plough, working the farmland around Pettaugh, an anvil, indicating the existence of a blacksmith in the village, essential to farming in the days of horse-drawn ploughs, and the windmill which stood at the centre of the village. Thus are the main occupations of Pettaugh residents of 'yesteryear' represented -- farming, smithing and milling the grain, mostly working very close to home.

Today, residents of Pettaugh commute to nearby towns to work -- to Debenham, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds -- even by train to London;   very few earn a living in or near to the village.   Even the children catch buses or are driven by parents to schools in Stonham Aspal, Debenham, Helmingham, etc.   Occupations may have changed but Pettaugh thrives, at the heart of beautiful Suffolk countryside.

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